Who We Are

Sandton Junior School

At Sandton Junior School, we implement a school policy that is caring and empathetic, and which recognises each child’s needs, dignity, and rights where the link between freedom and responsibility is emphasised. In Sandton Junior School, we have mutual respect and a student focused educational philosophy but remain constantly aware of the significant impact we have on the development of our students as we prepare them to face the world that they will enter. Our system adapts to the needs of the child by finding and creating a space in which every child has acceptance and value. The simple secret to Sandton Junior School success is the teacher who has the ability to reach out and lift up every child as the teacher believes in their students and students trust in their teachers. In Sandton Junior School, respect is earned through fairness, transparency, and consistency. Academic excellence is reached through bringing together the most outstanding teachers with the most promising students to motivate each child to reach their dreams to the best of their ability. This student-centered approach provides encouragement and positive guidance focuses on well-being and happiness, confidence and recognition, motivation and inspiration. No child will be forced to participate in any activity but will encourage and motivate students to try new activities.

As part of a leading schools group, with a number of successful graduates, Sandton Junior School believes in the importance of measuring our students’ performance against credible international standards. Our lessons are well-prepared whilst also ensuring the comfort and needs of the child are acknowledged.  It is a promise to parents and students that the best teachers will be available to all levels as our teachers are as honoured to have the child in their classroom, as the child is honoured to be taught by that teacher. Students will be aided with study methods and learning programmes as within Sandton Junior School we continually ask the question: “What is in the best interest of the student?”