Q. Where is Sandton Junior School situated?
A. Sandton Junior School Morningside is at  127 Coleraine Drive, BRYANSTON, SANDTON

and Sandton Junior School Bryanston is at 74 Shepherd Road, Bryanston

Q. Do you have to live in the surrounding Ferndale area to attend the Sandton Junior School?
A.  Not at all: we have learners coming from as far as the West Rand, Midrand, and Sandton

Q. Is Sandton Junior School a private school?
A. Yes – Sandton Junior School is a private, independent school and is in the process of becoming members of the Independent Schools’ Association of ISASA. In South Africa, private schools are termed ‘independent schools’.

Q. What grades are offered at Sandton Junior School?
A. Sandton Junior School offers from 30 months  to Grade 7

Q. Does Sandton Junior School offer boarding facilities?
A. No, we do not at this time

Q. What uniforms do learners wear?
A. A detailed list of uniforms is available on the Shopping Tab located on our website for all grades. All uniforms can also be purchased from Sandton Primary School Shop at 74 Shepherd Avenue, Bryanston.

Q. When does the academic year commence?
A. In line with all South African schools, our academic year begins in January and ends in December. We follow the ISASA 4 term government school calendar for Sandton Junior School Morningside and 3 term private school calendar for Sandton Junior School Bryanston

Q. How is the year divided for 3 term calendar
A. 3 terms. January to April, May to August and September to December.

Q. Can pupils enroll at Sandton Primary School at any time during the year?
A. Yes –  we have learners starting at any time during the year. As several of our children come from overseas where they work on different school calendars, we are set up to ensure that new students integrate as seamlessly as possible. We have a buddy system from day one where a new learner is teamed up with a learner in their class to show them around for the first few days. Our school counsellors are there to assist with any concerns that new learners may have.

Q. How often do you report back to parents on learners’ progress?
A. We send out reports 3 times in a year, term 1, term 2 and term 3

Q. What does it cost to attend Sandton Junior School?
A. For an explanation of our Fee structure and a detailed breakdown of school fees, click here.

Q. How do I get to Sandton Junior School?
A. Click here to view the map.

Q. Does Sandton Junior School offer a bus service?
A. Yes. Sandton Primary School offers its own transportation service, email info@sandtonprimaryschool.co.za

Q.What is accreditation?
A. Accreditation is the recognition of the capacity of an independent school to offer a qualification in the General and Further Education and Training Qualifications Framework, and the independent school’s implementation of the curriculum in support of the qualification, at the required standard. Accreditation attests to the capacity and the quality of the offering in an independent school.

Q.Are all schools expected to apply for accreditation with Umalusi?
A. No. Public schools are not required to apply for accreditation. According to the amended General and Further Education and Training Quality Assurance (GENFETQA) Act, 2001, Umalusi is required to quality assure independent schools that are registered in accordance with the South African Schools Act (SASA), 1996, as amended. Furthermore, not all registered independent schools are expected to apply for accreditation with Umalusi. According to the National Qualification Framework (NQF) Act, 2008, Umalusi is only responsible for the quality assurance of independent schools that offer qualifications that fall within its sub-framework of qualifications. These are independent schools that intend for their learners to satisfy all the requirements of the National Senior Certificate (NSC).

Q. Is the accreditation of independent schools optional or compulsory?
A. Independent schools that offer the curriculum leading to the National Senior Certificate are obliged to be accredited with Umalusi and to further comply with the monitoring and evaluation requirements of Umalusi.

Q. Why does an independent school have to be accredited?
A. Accreditation is a legal requirement for independent schools in terms of the General and Further Education and
Training Quality Assurance (GENFETQA) Act, 2001, the National Qualification Framework (NQF) Act, 2008, and the
Policy and Criteria for the Quality Assurance, Accreditation, and Monitoring of Independent Schools and Private Assessment
Bodies as promulgated by the Minister of Basic Education on 29 October 2012 (Government Gazette 35830).

Q. Are you accredited with Umalusi?
A. Yes, Sandton Junior School is accredited with Umalusi.