After Care Rules


The Aftercare Centre is a facility that is granted to pupils attending Sandton Junior School. It exists for the benefit of parents/caregivers who are unable to care for their children
* It exists for the benefit of parents/caregivers who are unable to care for their children during weekday afternoons.
* It aims to provide a structured, safe and disciplined, yet pleasant environment for its pupils, and to make provision for the completion of homework for those children who need it.
* Because it is less formal than “school” and because it functions in the afternoons when children are tired, it is not easy to maintain safety, cohesion, and orderliness. A lack of discipline on the part of a few children will inevitably affect the majority, compromise the authority of the Aftercare personnel and militate against the maintenance of standards throughout the school.
* The Aftercare Centre draws its income from its participants, and therefore neglect of payment of fees will compromise it financially. Fees are due and payable monthly in advance. Admission to the Aftercare programme is subject to school fees being paid up to date. Parents are to understand that payments received by the school are first allocated to school fees owing and thereafter to the Aftercare. Hence it is important that the account is fully paid. In view of the above, the following rules have been implemented. Repeated breaking of these rules will result in the child being barred from attending the Aftercare Facility.
1. Children are expected to report to their Aftercare Teachers straight after school so that their attendance can be recorded on the Aftercare Register.
2. Once they have registered with the relevant Teachers, they may go to the Extramural activities (if applicable).
3. If they are not participating in an extramural activity, they are to remain within visual the proximity of their Aftercare Teacher.
4. When the bell is rung for the start of the homework classes, they must IMMEDIATELY line up at the Aftercare Centre, where they will be escorted by their Teachers to the relevant classrooms.
5. If they are still involved in an extramural activity when the homework bell rings, they must report to their Aftercare Teacher IMMEDIATELY after the extramural activity has ended.
6. NO children may leave the school premises until they have been collected by their parents or another responsible person. All persons collecting children MUST sign the Aftercare Centre.
7. The parent/caregiver must inform the Aftercare Teacher that the child is leaving so that it can be recorded on the register.
8. If a child is present at school, but will not be attending Aftercare for that day, he/she must inform the Aftercare Personnel. In this case, it is preferable if the parents send a note to the School.
The School’s Code of Conduct applies to the Aftercare Centre participants. In particular, the following are not acceptable:
a) Speech which includes obscene, blasphemous, sexist or racist remarks.
b) Insolence and willful refusal to obey a member of staff or to carry out a task or instruction.
c) The practice of habits which are unhygienic or offensive according to accepted standards.
d) Aggressive conduct towards others.
e) Theft of school, staff or children’s property and possessions, or disrespect shown to same.
a) Leaving the school premises or an Aftercare activity without the knowledge and consent of the person in authority.
b) Late arrival at Aftercare or an Aftercare activity, especially after the completion of an extramural activity.
c) Failure to do homework or to have the necessary school books and stationery.
d) Being disruptive in the classroom during homework time.
Children who have been registered for Lunch must report to the Aftercare Centre immediately after school to have their lunch. Children who are registered for supervision MUST be provided with a separate lunch to have after school.
ALL Aftercare members have a locker for the year. All possessions (including school bags) must be locked in the lockers while the children are involved in extramural or other activities, and retrieved just before homework time.
13. APPLICATION FORMS – A new application form MUST be completed at the start of each new year. Your child may not be accepted in Aftercare if there is an account outstanding from the previous year.
Every child must be signed out with the Aftercare teacher on duty until 18:00pm. If a child is collected after 18:00pm, there may be an additional charge of R50 per every half-hour or part thereof, payable at the time of collecting your child.
The Aftercare fee will be charged directly to your school account.
If you wish to deposit fees directly into our account, the banking details are as follows:
Account Holder: Sandton Junior Primary cc
Bank: Standard Bank-Current account
Branch: Sandton
Account number: 302600698