At Sandton Junior School, we believe in the development of the total child, thus we offer a variety of cultural and sporting activities to our learners.


Our classes are small with a limit of 20 pupils per class.  We focus on teaching in a child centered manner, always expecting our learners to push their boundaries and extend their critical thinking skills.

We teach according to themes, to integrate knowledge and bring subjects to life.  

We have an accellerated learning pace which we find keeps the enquiring minds in our charge engaged.

Sandton Junior School

Cultural Activities

We offer a variety of interesting cultural activities, that do change from time to time, as dictated by demand and skill set.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Chess

  • Drama

  • Debate and Public Speaking

  • Languages 

  • Choir

  • Eisteddfod

  • Board games

  • How it works


We offer a variety of sporting activities that do change from time to time due to season or facilitator skill set. These include:

  • Cricket

  • Soccer

  • Hockey

  • Netball

  • Athletics

  • Swimming

  • Golf

We compete in a league with other small private schools in our area.

Enrichment Days

Once per term, the entire school participates in an enrichment day. This can take the form of teachers presenting information on a variety of themes or subjects or an outing that has educational value for the entire student body.

Enrichment days give children the opportunity to learn something they may not otherwise have been exposed to. Our enrichment themes have included topics such as Authors, Writing genres, Countries, Olympics, Cultures, and Inventions to name a few.